Four Wheel Camper Owner Parashant National Monument Tour

By Off Road Safety Academy (other events)

Tue, May 19 2020 7:30 AM Fri, May 22 2020 9:00 AM

Parashant National Monument & North Rim of the Grand Canyon Backcountry Overlanding Tour for Four Wheel Camper Owners with 4WD Trucks.

This Tour begins near St George, Utah. We will travel into Parashant National Monument visiting exciting locations along the route and ending right on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. During this Tour we will camp at a different locations each night, traversing the Preserve. Side note: This adventure tour begins after Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, AZ ( If you plan to attend Overland Expo, come along on this exciting tour.


  • Cancellation Policy. Full refunds are only possible prior to 30 days from the beginning of the tour. After 30 days no refund is possible unless there are participants on a waiting list to take your spot.
  • Vehicle Requirements. All vehicles must have 4-Lo gearing capability, reasonable ground clearance, seat belts for all passengers, plus front and rear frame-mounted recovery points. A trailer hitch in the rear can serve as a frame-mounted recovery point. You must have a full-size spare tire – no “donut” spares allowed. On this tour, you must NOT use a hitch-mounted cargo "basket" on the rear of your truck. Also, remove a tow ball and hitch if you have one on your vehicle.
  • Vehicle Self-Assessment. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to make sure his or her vehicle is in TOP mechanical condition. “Top condition” means mechanically sound to the manufacturer’s specification, plus, no fluid leaks, dangling wires/cables, bad tires, or repetitive squeaks while moving. Be courteous to others on the tour – do not come with a vehicle that is not in TOP condition.
  • Remote Backcountry Vehicle Breakdowns. With appropriate considerations for the entire group, Off-Road Safety Academy may assist with the repair and/or towing of a broken down vehicle. However, professional towing of a disabled vehicle may be needed. Most towing insurance is not applicable when off-road (AAA, roadside assistance, etc.). If you breakdown in the backcountry, it may be necessary to organize special off-road towing of your vehicle. Often times professional off-road specific towing is very expensive and requires the use of a credit card to begin extraction. These expenses will be the sole responsibility of the tour participant whose vehicle is disabled. Off-Road Safety Academy will be able to communicate with these services in the backcountry.
  • Self-Reliance. Each outing is an overlanding-style tour. This means camping at different locations each night and each vehicle being completely self-reliant (food, water, fuel, vehicle in superb working order, sleeping accommodations, human waste, etc.). If you do not have a camper toilet, you will need to bring a PETT-style toilet and disposable bags. We must haul out our trash and solid body waste.
  • Extra Fuel. Participants will need between 5 and 10 gallons of extra fuel. This fuel must be stored in compliant and legal containers and stored outside the vehicle.
  • Environmental Sensitivity. Please use biodegradable dish/hand cleaning liquids while in the backcountry. You must not discharge wastewater on the ground – shower, kitchen, cooking, or washing water.
  • Changes in the Trip’s Itinerary. Off-Road Safety Academy’s tours are conducted in the natural environment. As such, tours are subject to bad weather; trail washouts, and other unforeseen conditions. To the best of the tour leaders ability, all tours will be conducted as advertised. However, unforeseen conditions may cause the tour to be modified based on trip safety. Each tour participant must come with a flexible and self-reliant attitude and ability. Group safety will always come before the objective of reaching the advertised destinations.
  • Medical Self-Assessment and SAR Expenses. Off-roading and overlanding has inherent risks. Included are the risks of an illness or injury in a remote location. All tours will be conducted within a location that is remote by both distance and time to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and local hospitals. Off-Road Safety Academy does not require pre-tour medical screening to join the organized outing. By enrolling in the tour, you are certifying that you are medically capable of participating. Should you experience an unfortunate medical condition during the tour, requiring emergency extraction from the backcountry, participants will be responsible for any/all Search And Rescue (SAR) or helicopter expenses.
  • Pet Policy. Pets are welcome on the tours, but owners must adhere to National Park and BLM regulations. Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than six feet at all times. Pets may never be left unattended. Pet excrement must be collected and disposed of in garbage receptacles. Pets may not enter government buildings or backcountry dwellings.
  • Driver Requirements. Each driver must be a licensed driver with proper vehicle insurance. All state and local driving laws apply while off-road on this tour. Drivers must adhere to these regulations.
  • Paper Work. Each tour participant must complete and sign a registration form that includes emergency contact information and tour guidelines and notes. Each tour participant must complete and sign Off-Road Safety Academy’s Liability Release and Assumption of Risk form.
  • Car-To-Car Communications. I will provide you with a radio for car-to-car communications. No need for a CB radio.

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